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Energy Efficient Phoenix Roof Coatings

Modern roof coatings are considered an effective mode of reducing your energy costs. In an age where energy consumption is heading northwards at a rapid pace worldwide, people are on the lookout for means to ensure minimum energy consumption. One sure way is to get your roof coated in white color, which will help control the room temperature as well as further seal the roof from leakages. These roof coatings are extremely cost effective; thereby, reducing your dependency on the expensive and ecologically unwise use of air conditioning units.

Often, people associate monotony with these coatings. Realizing the problem, several manufacturers have come up with some innovatively designed roof coatings. For instance, there is stone coated steel roofing, which is made from steel (or any other metal). Firstly, metal is coated with stone chips and then attached to the steel with the help of an acrylic film. Apart from aesthetics, these stone coated steel roofs also increase the durability of the roof.

Another option is acrylic coatings on the roof. Also known as elastomeric roof coating, they form a waterproof membrane on the roof, which contract and expand depending on the prevalent thermal conditions. The best part is that these acrylic coatings are highly reflective and do not allow the heat to penetrate through. Acrylic coatings can be easily applied to asphalt, single ply, metal or foam.

Urethane coatings offer another useful option in roof coatings. Polyurethane foam is generally sprayed on the roof. It quickly expands manifold beyond its sprayed volume. Apart from being a quick roof coating solution, urethane coatings are weather-resistant, waterproof and have powerful insulation qualities, which help in controlling your energy bill.

Some Phoenix roofing companies will make outrageous claims of 40%-50% savings on energy bills. Although coatings help in reducing your liability as far as energy bills are concerned, but there won’t be dramatic reductions. If your Phoenix roofing company manages to bring down your energy bill by 25%, they have done a good job.

Apart from roof coatings, you can also consider pedestrian deck coatings to bring down your energy bill. Your Phoenix roofing company will suggest use of energy efficient material for coating the pedestrian deck in your home. The most commonly used material for pedestrian deck coatings is urethane rubber, which apart from being environment friendly, also offers multiple other benefits. For instance, the elastomeric quality of such coating helps it in contracting and expanding depending on the prevalent climate conditions. The flexibility of such coating prevents premature cracking. Urethane coating is also waterproof. The textured finish prevents early wear and tear of the coating. This coating is also slip-resistant making it an ideal choice for use on the pedestrian decks.

In order to minimize your energy consumption, a comprehensive approach is advised as far as coatings in the house are concerned. Although roof coating is the most vital aspect due to sheer protective quality of the roof, yet deck coatings should also be give due importance to derive maximum savings.

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