Roof Replacement

Considering the high costs associated with roof replacements in Phoenix AZ, it makes sense to get it right at the installation stage itself. Although a reputed Phoenix roofing company will employ professionals for shingle roof replacement, yet you should know the basics of this technical procedure to ensure that the professional is not overlooking the vitals. Here are the steps your Phoenix roofer will ideally be following while replacing the shingles:

1. If possible, select a hot day for the job. This is because high temperatures will help the shingles seal better, leaving little room for leakages.

2. Choice Roofing will start by preparing the roof area in a way that prevents any debris from falling on the ground. There are multiple ways of achieving this. A 2×4 or plank on roof jacks can be installed at the base perimeter of the roof. Or they can simply carry all the waste manually from the roof and throw it into the nearest dump trailer. Roofer’s buggies are another option whereby a self-propelled dump trailer is lifted close to the roof edge to collect all the waste. However, the best and inexpensive way is to carefully pick up the waste manually and dump it in the trailer.

3. The next step is to sweep and clean the entire roof. The idea is to clean out all the gutters, clear out all the nails and remove all the debris so that there is no obstacle left between the roof and the shingles.

4. The next step is often overlooked by most roofing companies. Make sure that they inspect the plywood properly to identify any dry rot, water damage and loose nails. The idea is to rectify any fault in the plywood before proceeding with your roof replacement.

5. The next step is to ensure proper ventilation of roof. This is usually done by cutting the ridge vent in at the top of the roof.

6. Installation of drip edge to entire perimeter of the roof is the next step. Your roofer will install it at 3/4 inch beyond the edge of the roof.

7. Felt paper is then installed on the remainder of the prepared substrate.

8. The final step is to install the shingles to the roof deck as per factory recommendations. You may select asphalt or fiberglass shingles having a lifespan of anywhere between 10-30 years depending on their quality and the quality of workmanship.

After these installation steps, Choice Roofing will also perform some follow-up procedures. Metal flashing is one such important procedure where step flashing is done at the points where roofing meets the wall, and chimney flashing is done around the chimneys. Letting the roof breathe is another important aspect that must be taken care of by installing a ridge vent. Finally, all the debris and dust is carefully removed to ensure that the ground and gutters are free from any waste.

The importance of shingle roof tune-ups cannot be overemphasized for roof maintenance, but at some point in time, you’ll require roof replacement. These steps will help you in extracting quality work from your Phoenix roofing contractor for your roof replacement job.